Get In Shape Grrl (Broadway COVID-19 Series)

During this time where we all need to hunker down and stay at home, want to ensure that we can remain upbeat, moving and positive through fun cardio and muscle toning sessions for the whole family. Sessions are free but pay it forward by donating to if you can! LIVE Classes M-F but they will live on the page to do anytime. Saturday and Sundays are our beginner and youth classes. And American Ballet Theater dancers will be taking mornings at 10AM which you can do or just breathe to and it will bring you joy!

All workouts will be led by some of Broadway’s top dancers, inspired by their shows and top ballerinas from the American Ballet Theater.

We’ll combine a mix of 10-minute short workouts to get your energy going along with 45-minute sessions full of strength training and cardio. Some of our workouts will be LIVE and others will be pre-recorded and posted at specific times (check the calendar and click yes on events to be reminded when it will start). You can always watch these videos on your own time.

This is for all ages and all genders and ages. Modify what you need to do. You only need to be you!

This Group is worked on collectively by:

  • Jenna Segal
  • Ashley Fitzgerald Kelly
  • Marci Greenfield
  • Virginia Newsome

All instructors are paid for their time, but FREE to the public!

GISG has been featured on:
Broadway Briefing, Broadway Direct, and more to come!


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